Saturday, May 23, 2015

find the Blue Ocean

This weekend has been a bit crazy. 
Will and I have been sharing pictures back and forth...
I am with H in Utah at a Pokemon tournament. He is in Idaho with V at a reined cow horse show.

As we were sharing pictures, one word kept popping into my mind: quirky.

And one book too... one I read and had since forgotten about bubbled back up into my thoughts: Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.

The Blue Ocean Strategy is a fabulous concept you should know about, if you don't already. It is simple... most people stick to confined areas and compete like crazy for the same pool of resources and opportunities. The competition can get fierce (imagine college entrance or career paths). However, the ocean is huge and vast and loaded with abundance. You just need to swim out into the blue water - where maybe no one else is, or few others have ventured.

It can feel scary or quirky or like a fools errand, but that's how different feels. Take whatever it is that makes you different, unique, interesting, uncommon and turn that into a fascinating story.

Get out there and meet new people, attend events, join an organization, find a mentor... There are other people out there who love the fascinating and wonderful and strange thing that you love. Go find them.

There is so much open space out there to play in. Go find your bit of Blue Ocean.