Monday, October 12, 2015

dare to do things differently

You need to read this...

The Back to School Night Speech We'd Like to Hear

This is a brilliantly clever article written as a back-to-school night speech. An imaginary principal delivers an exercise in wish fulfillment.

Here are some of my favorite quotes...

What questions do they have about the world? How can we help them build on and find answers to those questions?

Our main concern is that what students are learning, and how they're helped to learn it, make sense for the particular kids in a given room. That's why our teachers spend a lot more time asking than telling -- and even more time listening to what the kids wonder about. The plan for learning is created with your kids, not just for them.

A good way to tell how successful we are is how excited the students are about figuring stuff out and playing with ideas.

Hold us accountable for helping your child to be a deep thinker who loves learning. Expect creativity. Expect curiosity.

Real excellence comes from helping students to see one another as potential collaborators.  

I have recently been researching the concept of Micro Schools... and I am falling in love with the idea. 

Imagine if curriculum could be discovered (not delivered) based on relevant events and student questions. 

Imagine student voice and student design in learning.

Imagine a place that creates healthy, happy young people who love to learn, want to contribute to the world, and can tackle the enormous problems of our times with innovative ideas and solutions.

I'm reading two amazing books that are bringing this imagination to life: Future Wise by David Perkins and Beyond Measure by Vicki Abeles.

I am so excited by what I have read and experienced so far. A change in learning is not going to come from the top down, it is going to come from the round pegs in the square holes... from those who dare to do things differently.