Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

My son just did a "Legacy Report" at school. He needed to pick someone who has handed down something that we still see today. He has his top three heroes: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. It's very hard to break into his top three (believe me I've tried). For a while I thought James Madison was going to edge out Thomas Jefferson... but, I know, there's no real way that could happen.

Anyway, he chose Martin Luther King Jr.

But yesterday he told me, "Do you want to know why I didn't pick Barack Obama?" Of course I wanted to know! "I think he's handed us a legacy that we don't appreciate yet. I'm sure that a second grader a long time from now will pick him, though."

So, just for the record, I wanted you to know that there are already some of us who do appreciate your legacy... of breaking down walls, of peace, of respect and tolerance.

Thank you.

ps - just so you know, you are currently #4 on my son's list of heroes. But be warned, Ben Franklin is nipping at your heals at #5!


  1. Oh Patty, I love this! You captured my heart! And just so you know... Ben Franklin is number one on my list... I always joked with my 8th grade students that he was my old boyfriend;)...Lisa Dallimore

  2. That Harry! Such an old, wise soul.
    love zia