Tuesday, January 26, 2010

took the vow

I love Deepak Chopra.
I listen to him on sirius/xm; I read his books; I listen to his meditations

Have you taken Deepak Chopras Vow of Non-Violence at I Take the Vow? Deepak Chopra wants you to take a vow of non-violence in your thoughts, your speech and your actions.

I took the vow ... I thought it would be easy ... but I find that I am already stumbling.

I started a 10 week exercise program, hoping to increase my daily cardio. It's a combination of Tai-Robics (martial arts to an aerobic tempo) and cross training. We box. We box on a bag 3 to 4 days a week. There's something about the hitting, punching, and jabbing that fills me with trepidation.

What do you think?
Am I breaking the vow of non-violence?

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  1. I think it's all about how YOU think of it. If you think you are doing an excerise to use your muscles, to get them stronger, to make yourself feel better, it's fine. If when you're doing it you feel you are getting rid of agression, or thinking you're actually hitting something or someone you dislike then you're going against non-violence. Meditate while you are hitting the bag, sing a rythem in your head.----m