Monday, March 8, 2010

Thank You and ...

I am a fan of Seth Godin and his Blog, Seth's Blog.
I just finished his new book, Linchpin, and am inspired to "be an artist" in everything I do.

Here is a wonderful excerpt from his book:

Thank You and...
If you appreciate a gift, consider saying, "thank you and..."
Thank you and I dog-eared forty of the pages.
Thank you and I told your boss what a wonderful thing you did.
Thank you and here's a record my band and I recorded last week.
Thank you and you made me cry.
Thank you and I just blogged about what you did.
Thank you and here's a $20 tip; I know it's not much, but it's all I can afford right now.
Thank you and how can I help you spread the word?
Thank you and can you teach me how to do that?
Thank you and you changed me forever.

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  1. Loved it, we've forgotten to say Thank You m