Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sign

A couple of weeks ago, my sister told me about a sign she saw in someone's yard... the sign calls the President a Marxist and a traitor.
She has to pass this sign every day on her way to work, and it was infuriating her.

I kept thinking about it...
part of me wanted to convince the person(s) who put up the sign of how wrong they were...
part of me was infuriated too.

Then it dawned on me that no one experiences freedom until they stop pushing against others. The only thing that ever binds you is the pushing against that which is unwanted. And so I can go about my day pushing against that sign, or I can go about my day with appreciation about what is.

It is with great appreciation that I present the sign which for me is a lesson and a blessing in disguise.


  1. I definitely could not have said it better myself!

  2. Only in Idaho---m