Saturday, March 19, 2011

carry some of the burden

Last May I watched the Dalai Lama on the Today Show. What has stuck with me since watching that interview was that he said, "We carry the burden of other's suffering." I went back to find it again.

Watching the devastation in Japan through all the different media outlets, I know we share the burden. My heart hurts with the weight of the suffering... if you've imagined being in the tsunami, if you've thought of your children being ripped away from you by the force of the tsunami, if you watched that lone dog standing guard over his injured friend... then the suffering must also be shared by you.

We give our prayers, our money, our lit candles, and our thoughts. We share the suffering through compassion... and hope that it lightens the load.
I have immense gratitude for this moment... and really that's all we each really only have...

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