Monday, December 26, 2011

here, now, this is enough

Every Christmas during dinner we each write a Christmas Wish and put it in these cute little silver ball ornaments (I got them at Red Envelope). The following Christmas, during dinner, we open the ornaments to see if our Christmas Wish came true. Last year I wished for adventure and travel in Spain.
This year I hesitated... what do I want? There's the standard: good health, love, family, peace, happiness?

What's your Wish?

As the New Year approaches, have you considered - What has gone well for you in 2011? What do you hope for in 2012?

I think my wish for 2012 will be... letting go, striving can be exhausting.

Here, now, is beautiful and I'm grateful for it.

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  1. To remember to be grateful for all I'm surrounded by every day :)