Monday, March 11, 2013

scaled generosity

Chris Guillebeau is conducting a Social Experiment

How can you help someone for free?

From The Art of Non-Conformity:
This Week’s Experiment
So here’s how it works. Figure out something you’d like to give away for free. Do you have a skill you’d like to offer—something you can help someone with?
Is there something of value that you no longer want, but someone else could put it to good use?
Is there something you sell that you can give away to a few people, or to everyone on a certain day?
If you sometimes charge money for this free thing, that’s OK—nothing wrong with making money! Many people in our community are self-employed. I’m gearing up for my own overdue product launch in a couple of weeks.
But this is all about helping someone for free. So for this experiment, make sure you really offer it with no strings attached.
You can share your offer by:
a) Writing a blog post that links to this one. Our system will automagically see it and add it to the trackbacks on this page.
b) Posting a comment that explains what you are offering for free. It can be anything you’d like, and if there’s a website related to your free offer, include it in the URL field (not the comments field itself).
On Monday, March 18th (one week from today) I’ll share an upcoming roundup post with a summary of many of the links, offers, and stories. Cool?
There aren’t really any other parameters. If you read AONC you’re a smart person, so I bet you can figure something out. And I bet you’re a generous person too.

I'd like to help by giving away 5 copies of the book WONDER by R.J.Palacio... because who doesn't love a social experiment that asks us to be Kinder than Necessary.


  1. If your offer still stands, I would really love a copy of this book? x My address is
    Ruth Woodfield
    49 Hailes Road
    Whananaki South
    RD1 Hikurangi
    Whangarei 0181
    New Zealand

    Thanks so much...

  2. Ditto! (And I'll pay it forward. One more paving stone in the road to Jericho.)

    Angie Stahl
    545 Ladysmith Rd
    Bartlett, IL 60103

  3. Perfect! I've been in Australia, but home now...
    I'll be sending them out this week :)
    I hope you both love reading it.
    Best Wishes, patty