Thursday, September 19, 2013

confront truth at its harshest, and hope at its most powerful

So, remember how, in my last post I talked about seeing Colorado State Senator, Mike Johnston speak at an Ed Sessions lunch?

Well, I neglected to include that while I was there I was one of the lucky winners of his book, In The Deep Hearts Core. I just finished it. It was amazing and should be read with a box of tissues.

Today, on Facebook, the Ed Sessions posted a link to Mike Johnston's speech in Idaho.

But, in reading more about his book, I found a speech he gave in 2012 at a Teach for America event.  It is beautifully constructed around 2 stories – the first one illustrating what is possible, and the second what is next.  His real themes are truth and hope.  

We need both truth and hope, and then we can accomplish great things.  

Mike Johnston (Mississippi Delta '97) - State Senator, Colorado from Teach For America Events on Vimeo.

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