Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The theme of the 2016 Boise TEDx is Reframing Radical

What a great theme! 

The TEDx Boise event organizers have assembled a diverse and inspiring group of speakers under the theme of ‘Reframing Radical.’ 

Speakers include:

Amy Pence-Brown 
Belma Sadikovic
Canwen Xu
Erin Guerricabeitia
Refik Sadikovic 
Marianna Budnikova
Justin Richie
Kenton Lee
Stephen Miller 
Nicole LeFavour
Jessica Holmes 
Esther Emery 
Jason Morales 
Eric Walton

Tickets for TEDxBoise 2016: Reframing Radical are available for sale for $93 at

It got me thinking of my favorite radical reframing... Hamilton, the hip-hop, rap musical about Alexander Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He completely and radically reframed the founding fathers and American history. Miranda's linguistic dexterity turned Hamilton's immigrant story into a phenomenon. Anyone who can make the Federalist Papers and America's treasury system exciting is an expert at radical reframing!

What other Reframing Radical examples can you think of?

While we await hearing from these great speakers in Boise, how can you radically reframe an idea you are working on?

I went through this blog and found a few of my favorites:

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