Monday, May 15, 2017

empower an entire community

The Salvation Army of the Treasure Valley has renewed its springtime tradition of the Daffodil Tea in support of the Booth Marian Pritchett School. The event took place this year on May 11th and the Keynote was given by Angela Taylor.

Angela Taylor grew up in Mountain Home, graduated from Stanford University and was an executive in the sports industry for over 20 years. In her keynote speech, Ms. Taylor said that the tie that binds the past to the present and the present to the future is the importance of empowering women.

Over it's 96 year history, the Booth Marian Pritchett School has helped over 10,000 girls.  This year, the school will graduate 25 students - its largest graduating class ever.

Ms. Taylor told stories about the accomplished women of the WNBA, and how these women were amazing role models. She said, "Empowered women... empower women." But not only that, empowered women empower women and men. She challenged each of us gathered at the event: "How do we empower individuals? How do we empower a community?" The answer comes from her Stanford basketball coach, Tara Vanderveer:

  • E  - Educate
  • M - Motivate
  • P  - Present Opportunities
  • O - Ownership
  • W- Worth/Wisdom
  • E - Encourage
  • R - Respect

It takes a village to create strong leaders. Empower the future of women and girls, and you empower an entire community.

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