Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama Works

I received this email from the great folks at Obama Works. (see below)

It's an inspiring way to counter the Negative with the Positive. As Martin Luther King once said, to meet hate with love.

If you are interested in participating, please email Paul and David at:

There's a question that's been nagging at me.

*What's the opposite of right-wing conservatives loudly disrupting

town hall meetings?*

How about this: a National Day of Service for Healthcare, when

Democrats, Republicans and Independents rally to support sensible

healthcare reform - not by shouting and yelling, but by doing

something constructive for their communities? Wouldn't that send a

powerful message about what we stand for - and how we stand for it?

You haven't heard from us at Obama Works for a while. But while the

healthcare debates have raged these past few weeks, we've become

increasingly frustrated to watch them devolve into a shouting match. I

suspect many of you feel the same way. So what I'm wondering is this:

*If we worked like crazy for one month to reactivate our volunteers,

recruit new ones, and plan a nationwide Day of Service for Healthcare,

would you join us? *

I'm not asking for your opinion just to get your attention. Obama

Works was never a hierarchical, top-down organization. If we're going

to try this, we need to know that you're on board. Otherwise, we just

can't do it.

Before you answer - *and we do need your answer, whether it's yes or

no* - let me tell you a bit more about what we're thinking. We'd

announce the Day of Service as soon as possible and try to get the

word out online and in our communities. We'd frame it as an antidote

to the nastiness of the healthcare reform debate, and a chance to make

our commitment to fair healthcare reform real. We'd encourage service

events related to healthcare: raising funds for a local free clinic,

volunteering at a hospital. But as always, we'd give you the choice of

what you want to do - and, as best we can, give you the tools to help

you do it. We'd also do a full-court-press on the media to try and get

the message out.

Are you in? Please, reply to this message with your answer - and your


> Paul Selker & David Manners-Weber

Obama Works

> Disclaimer: Obama Works is not affiliated with President Obama's

> administration, campaign or person.

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