Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Boat

I just returned from a wonderful family trip to Disneyland ... and I learned something interesting while I was there:

The kids and I were heading to the dock to ride the paddleboat one day. We were hurrying because we were afraid that we were going to miss the boat. When we arrived at the dock we found that we had, in fact, missed the boat. The kids were disappointed. But the Disney Guide said to them, "Don't be disappointed; there's always another boat. And if you miss that boat, there will be another boat. And if you miss that boat too, guess what there will be?" And the kids cried out, "Another boat!" Again the guide said, "And after that?" Cheerfully the kids yelled, "Another boat!"

'Another Boat' became our mantra for the week's vacation.

If you've ever felt that you've missed your chance, or if you've ever thought that opportunity has passed you by ... just remember another boat, another boat, another boat. The Universe has boats lined up for you. It's a steady stream ... and it doesn't matter how many you've missed up to now because: there's always another boat!

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