Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama at School

Our conversation while driving my two children home from school on Tuesday:

V - We saw President Obama's speech today at school.
Me- Really? What did you think?
V - I'm wondering what I'm going to do to help our country.
H - (Proudly) I'm going to have a Fish Pet Shop when I grow up.
V -That doesn't help the country.
H -Yes it does! Because... (pause) I'm also going to teach classes at the Fish Pet Shop about fish and the ocean...
V -(interrupting) Well, I'm going to invent something... like a car that runs on bubbles! When the bubbles pop they give energy for the car to go. Or a car that runs on jelly beans (laughter)... or a car that runs on... (wait for it)... poop (hysterical laughter).

I know once a conversation heads to bathroom humor, it's over. But I thought they had some good ideas.

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  1. Oh God I just love those kids.!!!!m