Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

lovey dovey, Sunday walks, & holding hands for hours;
duvet days, pillow fights and tingly long showers,
... gazing eyes, starcrossed lovers thinking gorgeous things;
all consuming eternal lust and then a wedding ring,
... soon along come babies, sleepless nights and getting really stressed;
it's hard to be romantic when you always feel a mess,
... mortgage payments, washing up and pants upon the floor,
... there is always something to moan about, it really is a bore,
...but remember this my true love,
I think that you're the best,
... I treasure every single moment, the good, bad and the rest,
... we will no doubt have a daily rant about the lid up on the loo,
... but I still adore you and our life together and am thrilled I said "I do"...x

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