Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quest for Literacy

Yesterday I went to The Learning Lab's annual Lunch for Literacy.

There, I was introduced to John Corcoran. His story is tremendously inspiring while at the same time profoundly heartbreaking. John Corcoran was illiterate until the age of 48... yet he managed to graduate from high school and college, and work as a teacher without being discovered.

To be able to pull this off proves Mr. Corcoran is more than just smart. He's tenacious, clever, wildly intelligent, and charismatic.

John Corcoran was illiterate because he was dyslexic, but was never diagnosed. His teachers continually seated him in the "dumb row" at school.

At 70 years old he wrote a memoir, The Teacher Who Couldn't Read. And more recently published, The Bridge to Literacy: No child - or adult - Left Behind.

A fantastic legacy of personal determination in the quest for literacy.

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