Thursday, July 22, 2010

Made by Survivors

Have you read the book Half the Sky yet? It's now out in paperback.

Sex trafficking is the systematic and organized capture and transport of women and children for the purpose of sex for profit. It's a multi-billion dollar business, and is the third most profitable business for organized crime, after drugs and arms dealing. Each year roughly 600,000 - 1 million women and young girls are trafficked and sold into forced prostitution. Over 50,000 women are trafficked INTO the United States each year, with New York, California and Florida having the most reported cases. It's difficult to think about modern-day slavery, exploitation, and grave abuse.
But check out Sarah Symons and her work with The Emancipation Network and
Everyone can do something. Host a Made by Survivors party, shop online at Made by Survivors... donate, sponsor, get educated.

Listen to Sarah on Rosie Radio

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