Monday, November 29, 2010

Learning Lab

Check out my favorite nonprofit, Learning Lab, in Boise, Idaho.
Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t read to your child, fill out a job application, understand your bills, or use your medications correctly?   Those feelings are a reality for 20% of adults because they are barely literate.  

You can help!

I am asking you to click on: Learning Lab/Donate to donate to Learning Lab’s literacy programs.  You can give low-income adults and families the power to break the cycle of illiteracy and lift themselves out of poverty and despair.

Every contribution allows Learning Lab to unleash the amazing potential in each student.  Your donation will pay for the books, educational software, staff and facilities needed to continue this important work.

Do you believe in the power of literacy like I do?  All it takes is one click to help someone learn. You can change their lives, their children’s future, and strengthen our community.  Join me and support this terrific organization’s work!

Donate here: Learning Lab/Donate

For more information about Learning Lab and their great programs, check out their website at

Thank you!

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  1. Did it. They said they would email when the next education class starts. Keep a look out for me in case they forget. m