Friday, November 26, 2010

silence of humanity

I just finished the book, "Every Man In This Village Is A Liar : An Education in War" by Megan Stack.

You will be left to wonder... are the "heroes" really heroic and are the "villains" really evil... maybe everything is a lie or an illusion of perception.

A quote from Every Man:
"You can overcome the things that are done to you, but you cannot escape the things that you have done.
Here is the truth: It matters, what you do at war. It matters more than you ever want to know. Because countries, like people, have collective consciences and memories and souls, and the violence we deliver in the name of our nation is pooled like sickly tar at the bottom of who we are."

"... but up close the war on terror isn't anything but the sick and feeble cringing in an asylum, babies in shock, structure smashed. Baghdad broken. Afghanistan broken, Egypt broken. The line between heaven and earth, broken. Lebanon broken. Broken peace and broken roads and broken bridges. The broken faith and the years of broken promises. Children inheriting their parents' broken hearts, growing up with a taste for vengeance. And all along, America dreaming its deep sweet dream, there and not there. America chasing phantoms, running uphill to nowhere in pursuit of a receding mirage of absolute safety."

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes. How awful, how futile