Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm reading a great book right now called The Vortex...
it may be a little "out there" for some people, but if you're a fan of Quantum Mechanics (the idea that two realities can simultaneously exist), then its not so far-fetched.

The idea behind the books is:
Rather than viewing something you want as a goal that must be achieved, view it as an outcome that is inevitable.

When something is seen as inevitable - it already exists on some level.

It's a subtle shift in thinking, but also a wonderful change of perception.

Once you focus on the reality that you wish to have, you have just created the momentum to propel yourself toward that reality.

Pick something you want to achieve. Begin to view it as inevitable. Know that what you want to achieve already exists for you... create the momentum to propel yourself there. Feel yourself being pulled toward the inevitable outcome. Know it as a reality.

I see great things for you!   It's inevitable :)

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  1. I really think we've always done this to some extent---m