Sunday, April 10, 2011

Samaritan Experiment 3.0

With a little saving and a little scrimping...
     a missed latte here or a bagged lunch there...
          I was able to save up $200.

What to do...
     What would you do with an unexpected bit of cash?
     Would the amount determine the outcome?

I decided to split the money into 5 $20's and 2 $50's and launch Samaritan Experiment 3.0

If you, unexpectedly, had an extra $20 or $50 today, what would you do?
     Would you pay a bill? ...or buy lunch? ...a book? ...some treat?
     Or would you help someone in need?
     Would the amount of money weigh in on the decision?
     Or does "unexpected/found" money follow a different set of financial rules compared to "earned" money?
Let's find out. Let's get started :)

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