Friday, May 13, 2011

let your eyes light up

Today at my children's school we had a meeting regarding an ongoing approach to putting our school's purpose into action. It was inspiring, but also got me thinking...

It takes courage to step out and make your mark on the world.

Our society can often appear egocentric and narcissistic.
Competition appears to be commonplace in the lives of our kids... but what of collaboration? Everyone is grappling for the brass ring, trying to jockey for a position on the crowded ladder of success... but what success? Who defines "making it" and what about following your passion?

I've concluded today that the best I can for for my kids comes from a Maya Angelou quote:
"How do you react when your child enters the room? Do your eyes light up?"

Let your eyes light up when your child enters the room.

Let them see it in your eyes when they walk through the door. Let your encouragement inspire them and your love be their stepping-stone to greatness.


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  2. i meant the song by greg brown "if you don't get it at home"