Friday, July 8, 2011

no boundaries

Today the space shuttle Atlantis was launched. It was NASA's last space shuttle launch.

I have been reading about astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. He was on an Apollo mission, Apollo 14. He was the sixth man to walk on the moon. Upon his flight return to Earth, he was able to see the sun, the moon, the vast field of stars, and the Earth as only a select few have ever been able. As he looked down on Earth ... something happened that Mr. Mitchell would spend the rest of his life trying to understand... everything he thought he knew, the Newtonian model of a predictable/physical universe, seemed grossly wrong. Somehow, looking at the cosmos, he did not so much understand the universal framework so much as feel it. He felt his relationship to all things. Edgar Mitchell felt there were no boundaries, no distinctions between himself and... anything.

The space program has provided us with a new image of the Earth. The images of our planet sitting improbably in a dense black field are widely credited with changing our view of the Earth from solely intellectual to intuitive and emotional.

STS-135 Atlantis is now on flickr

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