Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mind the gap

I went to see Mike Rowe speak last night... 
yes, that Mike Rowe... from Dirty Jobs.

He was talking on the 'job skills gap'. A job skills gap is simply the difference between the skills needed for a job versus the skills of a prospective worker. For Idaho it means a shortage of a qualified workforce. Only one-third of Idaho high school graduates go on to secondary education.

A great blog post on last night's ED Session can be found here.

I liked the part about ethics...
Talent, Risk, Teamwork, Being mindful, & Being connected.

I want to add one more of my own:

Trust your instincts.

Don't allow yourself to get discouraged.

Albert Einstein was expelled from school because his attitude had a negative effect on the serious students. He failed his university entrance exam and attended a trade school for one year before finally being admitted; and was the only one in his graduating class who did not get a teaching position because no professor would recommend him. One professor said Einstein was "the laziest dog" the university ever had. 

Beethoven's parents were told he was too stupid to be a music composer.

Charles Darwin's colleagues called him a fool and what he was doing "fool's experiments" when he worked on his theory of biological evolution.

Walt Disney was fired from his first job on a newspaper because "he lacked imagination."

Thomas Edison had only two years of formal schooling. He was totally deaf in one ear and was hard of hearing in the other. He was fired from his first job as a newsboy and later fired from his job as a telegrapher; and still he became the most famous inventor in the history of the U.S.

So, do what you love to do. 
Do it with great pride, passion, and excellence.
Trust your instincts.

You're in great company. 

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