Saturday, January 14, 2012

you know I love this...

"Libraries are not made; they grow"
~ Augustine Birrell
The International Public Space Library (IPSL) offers books in public spaces around the world.
Unlike a traditional library, the IPSL is not permanently housed in a physical building; any public space is a temporary location for the IPSL. Anyone can donate or borrow a book.
Read Me... ready and waiting
To get involved and donate a book, download a pdf copy of the IPSL ex libris image Here. Print and affix it inside the front cover of the book you want to share... then leave the book in a public space, free to pick up. Readers are encouraged to return the book after reading it by placing it in another public space.  It's a fun way to support the free exchange of ideas and connections.

"This book was graciously and anonymously donated to the International Public Space Library. You are welcome to borrow it and enjoy it. When you are finished, please leave it in another public place where someone else might find it as you did."

The idea for the IPSL was launched by Momentech and was inspired by the discovery of a book in a public space in St. Montan, France, inside of which was inscribed similar text.

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