Thursday, October 25, 2012

What is school for?

My "Seth love" grows by leaps and bounds today!

My favorite Seth quotes from this Stop Stealing Dreams TEDxYouth@BFS:

"Are we asking our kids to collect the dots or connect the dots?"

"Grades are an illusion. Passion and insight are a reality."

"Persistence in the face of a skeptical authority figure is priceless."

"Fitting in is a short term strategy that gets you nowhere. Standing out is a long term strategy that takes guts and produces results."

"If you care enough about your work to be willing to be criticized for it, then you have done a good days work."

"Your work is more important than your congruence to any answer key."

"If it's work we try to do less, and if it's art we try to do more."

8 items to change things completely:

     1.  Homework during the day, lectures at night.
     2.  Open book, open note all the time.
     3.  Access to any course, anywhere in the world, 
          any time you want to take it.
     4.  Precise focused education 
          instead of mass batched stuff.

  • no more multiple choice exams.
  • measuring experience instead of test scores
  • the end of compliance as an outcome.
  • cooperation instead of isolation
     5.  teacher's role transforms into coach.
     6.  lifelong learning
     7.  work happening earlier in life
     8.  the death of the famous college

2 Myths:
  1. Great performance in school leads to happiness and success.
  2. Great parents have kids who produce great performance in school.

Go out and do something interesting!

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