Friday, February 21, 2014

Enjoy! genießen sie es!

Last weekend I was in Germany. I was visiting an inspiring friend and educator, Sonya terBorg. She knows about my love of books, my passion for literacy, and my fascination with the Public Space Library movement. 

So, as a gift, she gave me copies of The Fault in our Stars by John Green and copies of Wonder by RJ Palacio translated into German to give away. Amazing!

My usual book plate was lovingly translated into German as well:
my usual book plate

German translation

We started in Starnberg, Germany. Walking the promenade along lake Starnberg and the Maximillianstraße, we left a trail of my two favorite books.

My favorite sight came upon our return stroll along the lake. A copy of Das Schicksal ist ein Meiser Verräter (The Fault in our Stars) left on a bench was found by this couple...

They had their lunch set between them, and while eating his sandwich he was reading: Late in the summer of my seventeenth year…  

And I was so happy!

Thank you, Sonya, for such an amazing gift.

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