Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Energy Regulation

At a time when Idaho trails other states in harnessing wind resources, Governor "Butch" Otter disbanded the state's wind-power think tank.

Other states have renewable energy portfolio standards that require large utilities to increase their renewable energy sources. 

Because of these adopted standards, Washington state now has 1367 megawatts of wind capacity and Oregon has 964 megawatts, with 353 under construction.

Idaho, with no renewable portfolio standard, had just 75 megawatts of capacity in November 2008, according to the American Wind Energy Association (a Washington DC based industry group).

We have seen what a lack of regulation in the energy markets can do to our economy (Oil Speculation and Enron to name two). In the spirit of government and corporate accountability, I believe that the state of Idaho should adopt renewable energy portfolio standards.

Who's with me?

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