Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Place to Begin

My friend Heather is a fantastic, up-and-coming photographic talent. She donated her skills to a family in Boise, Idaho whose home and possessions were burned in an August 25th fire. The devastating fire in the Oregon Trail Heights subdivision destroyed 10 homes and damaged 9 others. Heather spent the afternoon photographing a family who lost all their family photo albums, and together they created new memories. It's a wonderful place to begin.

Thinking of the wildfires in Southern California this month that have destroyed over 1,000 homes and burned a combined area of over 65 square miles, it's hard to imagine all that's been lost. But, as always, we can give assistance with the talents we have and offer our good wishes to those who need it. It's a wonderful place to begin.

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  1. Thanks Patty!

    I did one small thing-you inspire me every day. I know that your blog will help me and my family be better people every day. Thanks!