Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Dash of Regulation

This past November 4th, on Election Day, I stood with some friends at a busy intersection and encouraged passers by to VOTE. We stood out there for a good 8 hours and experienced responses of all sorts. Many people called me a socialist...and some even shouted that I must be a communist (I was wearing an Obama 08 baseball cap).

It's these shouters of Communism that I think about this week as our economy is declared officially in recession and on the brink of depression, as we look to our government for $700 billion to bail out industry. 

Certainly we should have some vision of what our current failed economic state should be replaced with, it's apparent that we're experiencing the birth of something new ... maybe European-style social democracy... maybe Latin American-style socialism... But honestly, I still prefer and support American Capitalism and 'Entrepreneurial-ism'... just, maybe this time, with a little regulation thrown in.

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