Saturday, December 13, 2008

International Rescue Committee

Could you point to Myanmar on a world map? 
Here's a hint: it was formerly known as Burma.

You might remember how the world watched with alarm, in September of 2007,  as the Myanmar government violently suppressed peaceful nationwide protests. Buddhist monks were protesting against their government whose repressive rule had driven much of the nation into poverty. 

This Friday a volunteer from the International Rescue Committee came to speak to my son's class about refugees from Burma currently living in Boise. I was amazed to see how many of the kids actually knew that Burma was in Asia, and how close they were to pinpointing its location on a world map. 

The kindergarten and first grade classes at school are collecting clothes, toys, and household supplies for the refugee families. This outreach, organized by two wonderful parent volunteers, was a fantastic opportunity for the kids to ask questions about life in Burma, and to find out what life is like as a refugee.

According to The IRC in Boise web site, "Boise, with its affordable housing, good job opportunities, and welcoming community, is an optimal city for refugee resettlement."
Because Boise appears to be ideal for refugee placement, the local need is incredible. If you would like to help a refugee family, please go the the IRC web site.  

This holiday season, please keep the IRC of Boise in mind.

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