Saturday, October 19, 2013

be a storyteller

The future of storytelling...

Storytelling is about creating connections with each other... with words and images and emotions and energy. We pay attention to stories... around a campfire, while drinking tea, sitting in a coffee house, with a book in your hand and a child in your lap... stories get passed on when they matter, when they intentionally create deeper connections.

What ever your platform, be a storyteller.

The future belongs to the stories we tell. What role will you play?


  1. Thanks Patty. This should be shared with creative young people who are worried about what they are going to do when they grow up. How can you follow your talent for creativity and storytelling and make a career out of it? By remembering that the connections we make are going to create the future; and that the career you will end up with ten years from now probably doesn't even exist yet.

    1. Rob, thanks so much for your comment! The kids I've shown it to today have LOVED it. There were comments relating what you said to the stories that Jules Verne wrote... and they loved the link to Ironman and Tony Stark's cool gadgets :) After they watched your video, they went off to create new machines on Minecraft !! Thank you for your beautiful video and thoughtful comments.