Tuesday, October 29, 2013

consciousness inhabiting a body

Russell Brand keeps popping up in my consciousness… 

I love the notion that the repetition implies a message for me… and I love his idea that "the time is now".

And don't miss Russell Brand on Gaiman TV. I loved it. "Be nice" is something we all can do. During the interview (2:30 into it) Daniel Pinchbeck references Russell Brand's experience on MSNBC. That clip can be seen HERE. It's a stunning glimpse into the rudeness of the anchors.

What do you think of his message? Is it to be trivialized, as many have done, or does it speak to you?

As for me… Kindness and Compassion always speak the truth.

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  1. I have never heard of him. But I enjoyed listening to him and he is very clever. I hated the people on Morning Joe. Gosh what snobs and very unprofessional :-(